Episode 1

1 - Medicubes launch 🚀

Medicubes is a monthly podcast presented by:
  • Chris Smeed
  • Riwka Hagen
  • Kim Poyner
With their combined extensive experience in primary care, the team behind Medicubes aim to bring detailed content to the community.   In today’s episode, we will connect you into our origin story. How we met, passions, debrief ad connections. What cultivated these host relationships with each other. We will also respond to two listener questions that they are grappling with at the moment.   Mary from Sydney - What does MBS indexation mean to me and what do I need to do?
  • Recap of essentially no indexation. Ie - fees are not keeping up with CPI increases 20 year history, reducing practice viability etc.
  • Many practices - private billing
  • Start with your practice’s intention - how are you tracking
  • Software updates
  • Understand what this means for YOUR practice & plan accordingly
John from Perth - Why are practices moving to private/mixed billing? Any tips on how to manage this transition.
  • How will you manage still low Medicare rebates if not moving to private billing
  • Benchmarks
  • Reality pill of a business
  • Marketing to your clients - managing the transition
Key takeaways: With their combined extensive experience in primary care, the team behind Medicubes aim to bring detailed content to the community.The aim of the podcast is to provide robust panel discussion with industry experts. Engaging and empowering the audience to bring about paradigm change in the Australian healthcare landscape.The reach of the podcast will be amplified via the hosts of Medicubes. Through Cubiko’s diverse customer base, through the Facebook ‘Practice Managers Network’ and connections with PHNs across Australia. Listen to other episodes of Medicubes on: Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/medicubes/id1635000183 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6H6hJ1lMo8Wt5OK2rzLFkZ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/medicubespodcasts   This show is produced in collaboration with Talking HealthTech. Visit https://www.talkinghealthtech.com for more information.

About the Podcast

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The Medicubes team bring you a monthly panel conversation of exciting and challenging topics in primary health care, answering listener questions and invited guests to the discussions.

About your hosts

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Kim Poyner

Accredited Health Coach and executive coach, with over 20 years of experience in General Practice and Intensive Care Units. Mentor to health professionals and organisations to achieve their best, specialising in chronic disease management, coaching, and change management programs.
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Riwka Hagen

An experienced general practice manager, with a passion for leadership development, coaching, and business management in the health sector. As the Director of Medical Business Services and Medical Business Coaching, she provides consulting, advisory, coaching, training, and mentoring services to health organisations Australia-wide, and is also the founder of the highly active Facebook group 'Practice Managers Network'.
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Chris Smeed

A lover of all things Practice Management and Data. Always thinking of ways to make life easier and to help with patient outcomes.