Episode 24

The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Improving Health Equity

In this episode of Medicubes, hosts Riwka and Kim speak with special guest Denise Lyons, an experienced Nurse Practitioner in Newcastle. Denise provides insights into the role and evolution of nurse practitioners in Australia, shedding light on their qualifications, scope of practice, financial viability, and future prospects within the healthcare sector.

Key Talking Points:

  • The expansion of nurse practitioners into various clinical settings and their role in increasing access to care for marginalised and vulnerable populations.
  • Qualifications and education pathways for aspiring nurse practitioners, and the rigorous process involved in obtaining endorsement and the commitment required for nursing professionals pursuing this advanced role.
  • Exploring the scope of practice for nurse practitioners, highlighting their ability to assess, diagnose health problems, order and interpret tests, formulate treatment plans, prescribe medicines, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals within their areas of expertise.
  • The financial sustainability of nurse practitioner services within health practices, addressing the challenges and potential models for making nurse practitioner services financially sustainable, with a focus on collaborative care and proposed changes to legislation that impact their practice.
  • The transformative role of nurse practitioners and the need for seamless collaboration with other healthcare providers, reflecting on the positive impact on patient care and access to services.

Check out this episode for valuable insights into the evolving role of nurse practitioners and their integral contribution to primary care, and understand how the future of nurse practitioners could shape the delivery of healthcare in Australia.

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